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Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest (COI's) are the primary forums for collaboration and are typically organized around a common practice area or current issue in academic libraries.  COI's can be formed by any interested party within OPAL. While some COI's are 'birds of a feather' networking groups, others are more actively involved in projects.

Creating a COI

A community of interest can be initiated and led by anyone in OPAL and do not require a mandate from the Directors' Council. New COIs are encouraged to serve as an inclusive forum for discussion of ideas, best practices, policies, etc. If you decide to initiate a new COI, inform the current OPAL Executive Committee Liaison.

Download the COI Meeting Template

Current Communities

Community of Interest Initiator
EDSRitch Kerns
LibGuidesKevin Mulhall
Electronic ResourcesCarl Hess
WebsiteDeb Johnson
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